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1995 Toyota Supra NA
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Python 900 Wiring (MKIV w/ Factory Alarm)

Anyone have tips for locating these and which wires to splice together from the car.

Primary Harness Wires
Red / White: (-) 200 mA Channel 2 Output [RED/WHITE] (window module)
Red: (+) Constant 12V Power Source [WHITE/RED or WHITE] (ign. harness)
Brown: (+) Siren Output [RED] (From Siren Spkr)
Yellow: (+) Switched Ignition [BLACK/YELLOW] (ign. harness)
Black: (-) Chassis Ground [GROUND]
Violet: (+) Door Trigger Input N/A
Blue: (-) Instant Trigger (Trunk) N/A
Green: (-) Door Trigger Input [RED/WHITE] (driver kick panel)
Black / White: Domelight Supervision Relay Output [OVERHEAD LIGHT CIRCUIT]
White / Blue: (-) 200 mA Channel 3 Programmable Output N/A
White: (+/-) Selectable Light Flash Output [GREEN] (driver kick panel... + is in bottom of fuse box in a white plug)
Orange: (-) 500 mA Ground-When-Armed Output [ORANGE] (window module)

Door Lock Harness Wires
Black / White: Domelight Supervision relay Input [GROUND]
White / Black: Lock #87a Normally Closed [GREEN/YELLOW] (pass. kick panel)
Green / Black: Lock #30 Common (Output) [GREEN/YELLOW] (pass. kick panel)
Violet / Black: Lock #87 Normally Open (Input)* N/A
Brown / Black: Unlock #87a Normally Closed [WHITE] (pass. kick panel)
Blue / Black: Unlock #30 Common (Output) [WHITE] (pass. kick panel)
Violet: Unlock #87 Normally Open (Input)* N/A
*VIOLET and VIOLET/BLACK are common at fuse holder

Immobilizer Harness Wires
Green / Black: Starter - Normally Closed (motor side)
Green: Starter - Normally Open (motor side) N/A
Green / White: Starter Common (key side)

Auxillary Harness Wires
Light Blue: (-) Second Unlock Pulse [WHITE] (pass. kick panel)
Grey: (-) Hood Pin Switch Input [PURPLE/RED] (pass. kick panel)
Orange/Black: Retained Accessory Output N/A
Grey/Black: (-) Ch. 6 Output N/A
White/Black: (-) Ch. 5 Output N/A
Violet/Black: (-) Ch. 4 Output N/A
Light Brown: (-) Horn Honk Output [BLUE/RED] (steering column)
Light Green/Black: (-) Factory Alarm Disarm Output [PURPLE/YELLOW] (pass. kick panel)

Supra-NA-T...Girls -Twin
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12volts white & wht/red + ignition harness
Starter black/white + ignition harness
Ignition black/yellow + ignition harness
Power Lock green/yellow - passenger kick panel
Power Unlock white - passenger kick panel
Lock Motor
Unlock Motor
Disarm Defeat
Parking Lights+ green drivers kick panel
Notes: Bottom of fuse box in a white plug.
Parking Lights- green steering column
Turn Signal(L)
Turn Signal(R)
Door Trigger red/black - drivers kick panel
Dome Supervision
Trunk/Hatch Pin tied in with door
Hood Pin purple/red - theft ECU
Notes: The theft ECU and door lock ECU are built together in one module. the module is located high in the passenger kick panel.
Trunk/Hatch Release
Power Sliding Door
Factory Alarm Arm arms with lock
Factory Alarm Disarm disarms with unlock
Disarm No Unlock white or green - drivers kick panel
Tachometer black or blk/wht AC igniter
Notes: On the non turbo models the tach wire is black. On the turbo models the tach wire is black/white. Both are located at the igniter located on the drivers side strut tower.
Horn Trigger blue/red - steering column
Memory Seat 1
Memory Seat 2
Memory Seat 3
Interface Module: Category:
Immobilizer Bypass Required:
No Type:

1995 Toyota Supra NA
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I called a friend of mine at an install shop and he said to use the door lock switch wires in the drivers door (RED/WHITE and GREEN/RED). I used the passenger side door because it was easier to get to and now it is all good. Turns out I am an idiot and forgot to ground the VIOLET/BLACK and VIOLET leads for the door lock circuit. Once I grounded them everything works fine (xcept the hood pin switch) I used the VIOLET/RED wire coming off of the Theft Deterent ECU but I don't know if it is working. I can adjust it in the setup of the alarm. Now that I have it all figured out for the MKIV I will post a write up when I get the pictures off of the camera. It is nice with this setup because you don't have to install the starter kill relay from the PYTHON the stock alarm engages with the PYTHON when the doors lock. It was a PITA at first but now I am glad it is over. I didn't run the domelight supervision either, didn't see a need for it since it works with the stock alarm too.

1995 Toyota Supra NA
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It's been a few days with my car parked and now the PYTHON will not unlock the doors if the factory alarm is armed overnight.

Any ideas as to why this is???

I am going to go back and try using the GREEN/YELLOW and the WHITE wires in the passenger kick panel. They are in the same wire harness as the two I used...

Ruff Rydahs
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nice write up, what year is your mkiv? or are they all the same wire colors?
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