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q? re electrical

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The dash lights for the anti-lock brake malfunction light, tail light failure indicator light and the battery light all will flicker at about the same time every now and then while driving. It's pretty anoying. Anyone here had these problem?

I only noticed this thing happening just recently and have no clue what was wrong. Also, there is a thread here (mk3 technical) that says something about an alternator that could be causing the defect or could it be a bad ground? The car starts fine though.

Any ideas on this one please chime in. Thanks.
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I doubt its the alternator considering I put a brand new one in it.

Hey its been so long since ive seen my old car! Do you by any chance have any recent pics of it. I would love to see how it looks now.
Sounds like a bad ground if you know your alternator is in good working order. Troubleshoot the charging system.
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