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I currently have a RMM/TRD copy rear spoiler but the finish, especially of the carbon section, sucks. It is so bad I have to spray it red to get rid of all the blemishes in the surface and the seams.

Since I prefer the carbon version over the fiberglass version and because the TRD original is very expensive I am tempted to buy the RMM carbon but I want to be sure I don't get another inferior copy.

How is the finish of the RMM spoiler, expecially at the seams and sides of the carbon piece. Does the spoiler need any repair work before it can be sprayed? Does it fit perfectly or do you have to bend it to fit?


Hi Nick, I would by the RMM carbon center piece en mount that on your car, quality is great and does not need any work at all.

Take a look tomorrow on my car and i'm sure you will like it !!!

See you arround eleven???

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