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I am looking into buying a 1994 Supra TT. When recently looking at a Bomex body kit, I noticed that there were different parts for a "JZA-80" before and a "JZA-80" after. I have no idea what this means. Any information would help. Also, in my research, I have read about different engine models. Is that just Japanese vs. American or are there different American models. Thanks for the help. I dont want to buy the "wrong one" if there is such a thing.

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JZA80 Before are referring to the 93-96 Supras - Main difference is the orange front turn signals.

JZA80 After are referring to the 97-98 Supras with the clear front turn signal lights.

you can case either one of the before or after on any model year, you just need to have the appropriate turn signals for the particular bumper.

Here is a pic of the after bumper on my old 94 6spd

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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