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Hey Z - We're on a parallel path, only I'm a little ahead!

I had many of the same questions recently. Here's how I went -> RMM DP, BCC, Dual A Piller Pod (gotta keep the clock!), Blitz dual Turbo Timer, Greddy Boost Gauge, Greddy EGT. (Oh yea, bleeder T mod too.)

I'm happy with the RMM DP - about $300K, good quality, easy install. Haven't installed the A pillar or gauges yet. Too cold in MI and no heat in the garage!!!! Good thing my turbo timer has a built in boost gauge.

I'd strongly urge you to get a BCC to avoid the nasty fuel cut. You probably won't hit it w/just the DP, but if you also have an exhaust or do the bleeder T mod, you definitely will!


Hi you all,
I am thinking of adding pilar pod with 2 gauges, first one of course Boost gauge but cannot make my mind for the second one, EGT or OIL presure. I am also adding DP to it too so EGT is important too.
Also what will be a good buy for DP? I looked at greedy, hks, RM etc ranging from 250 to 500. Any advise will be greatly welcomed.
94 TT
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