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Hi all,

You guys are posting some truly amazing dyno figures for single turbo and BPU MKIV's. My only question is in how dyno sessions are conducted. I was under the impression that you need to account for gear/mph in order for corrected (and accurate) horsepower figures to be obtained.

A friend with an old Chevelle LS-5 told me that a dynanometer such as a Mustang or DynoJet outputs power figures based on the results of a calculation of the acceleration of the drums driven by the rear wheels, and as such you would see different output results for every gear that you perform a pull in (ie first gear accelerating the drums much more quickly that a fourth gear pull). Also, how do you do a dyno run in an auto MKIV? Can anyone clarify this for me?

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Sport Compact Car did a test and found the dyno results from 2nd through 5th gear to be very consistant. Only 1st and 6th were inconsistant.

Most all people try to dyno in their 1:1 gear for consistancy. Supra's typically dyno in 4th or 5th (most in 4th) and most have found the difference in peak hp to be less than 10rwhp from 4th to 5th gear. Most of these got a little more boost in 5th (due to the greater load) and that was more of the reason for the slightly higher 5th gear #'s than a dyno variance.

Later, Steve
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