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Question about electric fans...please help

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Just curious what wire do you use to splice into/or get power from to have the fans running all the time whenver the ignition is turned on? And relays necessary.etc etc. just need to find a good power source for the fans ....thanks.
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I ran mine directly to the ignition with a switch, so if my battery starts to die, I can turn them off- then back on once the car is running.

I am seriously think about running another relay in the fuse box- then to the ignition- I don't like running too much power from the ignition itself.
I used a relay w/ the power source connected directly to the battery. I use the signal that turned on the stock fan to turn on the relay (with the mod to make it work w/ the AC off). If you want the fan to run all the time the ignition is on with this set up you can just unplug the connector at the bottom drivers side of the radiator.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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