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First, the MBC issue:

I'm considering an MBC from TorboXS. Models I'd consider would be the High Performance (H.P.)& Dual stage (D.S.) $129 & $239 respectively.
The H.P. model, supposedly, spools @ lower RPM (400-600). With stock TT setup, first stock turbo kicks in @ 2200rpm, does that mean that, with H.P. MBC, turbo will kick in @ roughly 2200-500=1700rpm? If not, then how exactly is it manifesting itself?

Regarding the D.S. model--if my goal is BPU (18psi max), will dual boost levels gain me anything? Had I decided to go this route I'd probably, set a low boost @ around 14psi (regular street driving) & high @ 18psi (when little adrenalin rush reqd). Is there a compelling reason(s) to get this model? Saving gas? Extending turbo's life? Whatever...?

Secondly, the boost gauge:
Most boost gauges read vac, in addition to pressure. How important is it to have this vac feature?
As this comes at the expense of dial range real estate...

I'd appreciate your thoughts on these two questions.


Jay :blue:
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