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if i bought an SP60 turbo kit with:
SP60 Turbo, Ceramic Coated with a Polished Housing
Stainless Steel Header, Ceramic Coated
HKS GT Wastegate - Simply the Best
HKS Racing Type 2 BOV - Again, the Best
4" Powder Coated Mandrel Bent Intake Pipe with Bracket
4" K&N Air Filter
Ceramic Coated Midpipe
Full Length Downpipe, Ceramic Coated
3" Intercooler Piping with BOV Flange, Powder Coated
All Fittings, Hoses, Bolts, Lines, Filters, etc. Included
(copied and pasted)

i read on that they ran this kit with the stock fuel and it made over $560 hp and it ran a 10.5 1/4mi @130. is that possible on the stock fuel? also, it will be BPU before the install of course and i a will throw in an S-AFC but i wanted to know if i need any electronics besides the boost controller and the fuel computer? i read that you really should have an HKS VPC but is that totally neccessary? please help me out with this. it is greatly appreciated.

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If you tune it carefully, you could hit 130MPH on the stock fuel system (on race gas) - might be at the ragged edge, depending.

And yeah, you'll need a lot more than just the kit to pull that off. VPC and a FMIC at a minimum if you want to see 130MPH. Probably would want to tune some cam gears and whatever else you can work with.


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I ran 119 with bad street tires and even worse drag racing skills (I am too fond of my tranny not to lift and shift Grant).

You definatly need more electronics than that.

Here's a list of my turbo/engine-related mods:

RPS Kit with SP60 .70A/R Turbo
Cryo Treating and Polishing
B&M Power Plus - 16v to Fuel Pump
New Stock Fuel Pump
Bryce Danna Fuel Pulsation Dampener Bypass
Apexi FMIC
Bruce Nomura Front Radiator Panel
Dual A-Pillar Pod
Greddy 60mm A/F with Peak/Hold
Greddy 60mm Fuel Pressure with Peak/Hold
Greddy 60mm EGT with Peak/Hold
Greddy 60mm Boost with Peak/Hold
Unorthodox Racing Exhaust CAM Gear
Greddy BCC
Blitz Turbo Timer
HKS SuperDragger Exhaust

I had my work done by Lance at Toyomoto. He said that this was just about the absolute minimum that you need to have this kind of setup (except for the gauges; I'm paranoid about blowing my engine).

My car is still untuned so I havn't gotten near its real potential.
I have races a bunch of Z06's, a Ferrari 355, Porche 996 Turbo, Lamborgini Diablo SV (major modifications), and a stripped Type R with a T60 turbo and 30k in other modifications.

I have only lost to the Lambo and the Type R. But I think this was because I had a defective .58 A/R SP60. Larry at SP switched it out no questions asked.

I love the turbo, definatly reccomend it. I think it has less lag than stockers in TTC and definatly has a smoother powerband.

If you have any more questions you can email me at [email protected]


'94 SP60 .70A/R
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