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Here is the thread I started many moons ago. Since the pics are no longer posted, I have had many request to send them. Evildoer357 (Glenn) has been kind enough to host them again.

Basically, the pick-up is of a poor design and sits too high off of the pan. I cut the stock one off, lengthened the tube and welded on a proper pick-up. I also had the shop that did this weld in kick outs on the pan. I'm still running the oil filter in the stock location and it can be removed without problem. Also, the external clearances on the pan are perfect and nothing hits from engine movement etc.

Enjoy! & thanks again Glenn!

If someone could make this a sticky and somehow ensure the pics don't get lost that would be great. I get lots of questions about this mod.

Dale H
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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