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Question for John Meinert

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Question for John Minert


I saw on your Vegas 2001 pics that you had your TRD front strut brace chromed or polished. Can you tell me which of the two it was and approximately how much it did cost you?

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Re: Question for John Minert

Flavio - Thanks for noticing and asking about it.

I sent the TRD bar to Califonia Chrome Wheel in Valencia, CA. That's the same shop I had chrome a set of stock wheels last year, and the set of 18" Kahn's Im running on now. I paid $70 to have the bar chromed. Since the strut brace is steel, polishing alone is not an option. Anyway, I think it was a hit at the Vegas meet. I'd recommend it to anyone who is after "under the hood shine".

You can see their website at or call John at 661-294-0170. Nice guy, fair price, and excellent quality of work.

Thanks John, $70 sounds pretty cheap. I know a shop here in Holland that did some chroming for me in the past so I'll ask them what they charge for the TRD bar.
I agree with you that it looks very smart, especially if you already have some nice polished intercooler pipes and other shiny stuff under the hood.

off topic, where are all the Vegas pictures? links?


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