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Question for those with TRD bodykit :Andi,Steve Jarvis

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From what I have heard the kit adds 2 inchs overall width. Is this in the rear or f/r. It seems that most of the people who have bought the kit have gone 10 inch front and 12 rear. Some have said that 13 inch wheel and 335 wide tire fit.What's the real deal. It would seem to me that on of the reasons to get the kit ( apart from the bad- ass look) is to fit ungodly wide wheels and tires. If on a stock TT with mild mods to the body 10f and 11.5 r are possible , could one run 11f (315) and 13r (335) on the TRD kit.
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If it truly adds 2" to the front and rear, you could run a 315/30 on 11.5" wheels in the front and 335/30 on 12.5" wide wheels in the rear.

I actually saw a Supra in Super Street that said he had to widen the rear fenders 6" (I assume 3" per side) to fit 18x10" wheels with 285/30's.

Later, Steve
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