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question on corrosion

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I have a 93 supra with corrosion on the back window area lower passenger side. I have seen this also on someone else's car. Currently i am having the car repainted so they are repairing the damage. They had to pull the whole back glass out. Now my question is: How many other people have that same corrosion spot? Alex 93tt 6spedd hardtopper....currently all bodywork done and awaits the paint.
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There was a long thread about this on the mailing list. I was surprised how many cars have the same problem. I assume yours was rusting under the weatherstripping that seals the glass in the hatch, on the passenger side?

Luckily mine has none, it's good to be a California car.
It was also mostly white cars that had the problem.
Something related with them priming the hatch incorrectly. My friend's white 94 has the problem.

Luckily I don't, yet.
yes i had the corrosion under the weatherstipping. My car is red. And my car was a California car. If you live near the ocean, corrosion will follow. The other supra I saw was white too. Sounds fishy to me Toyota........ When the glass was pulled the body shop said it was pretty bad underneath all that weatherstripping. oh well , it's getting fixed correctly. thanks for the info. Alex 93tt6spd hardtopper
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