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i resurfaced my old flywheel at a near by local shop. they claim they have done hundreds of dual mass flywheels from bmw's, ferraris to toyotas...

anyways, i even specifically asked them to dry turn it (recommded) so the liquid/fluid doesn't seep into the two rubber in between the two masses.

it came out great, but when i turn the flywheel now, it makes these CRUNCHING noise... like something is in there, possibly those metal shavings from the resurfacing... i didnt specifically tell them to cover the open cracks so the shavings won't get in... i forgot but i figured being a race/performance shop, they wouldn't give me back a flywheel taht was not installable. :rolleyes:

was wonder, how bad is it to install this now? any suggestions/opinions on what to do from here? i doubt the shop will pay for a new flywheel.. so i'm sorta stuck. i would buy a brand new FW if possible but money doesn't make that much of an option for me now.

can i go ahead and install this and should it hold up ok (with the crunching sound)? or should i completely stay away and not install it (stock disk/pressure plate set up)???

greatly appreciate everyone's feedback.

jason sugai
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I've heard that the symptoms your experiencing are the exact reason you don't resurface the flywheel. I'm sure it will still hook fine, it will just give that nasty griding sound. Mine is starting to do it just cause it old and worn out. I would buy a new one if I were you.
It is okay to resurface a flywheel. The Repair manual even stated so. You just have to make sure it is dry turned and you have to perform the test. You bolt it to the crank and turn it. If it moves more than 4 inches then it is gone. If not, then lightly resurface it. My ASE toyota mechanic has turned half a dozen flywheels for supras. He even turned one flywheel twice. No problems. He sent it to a machine shop and they did it.
I heard you can actually "scuff" up the surface?
i have heard mixed replies on the effects of resurfacing a flywheel. more negative than postive... but at this point, i don't have much of a choice so i'm just going to put it in and see how it is.
most likely going to be done by tonight or so i'll post back on how it goes. i do hope your mechanic friend who resurfaced it twice was right!

thanx guys
You can scuff the surface flat (no need to clamp two surfaces together), or dry turn it with both pieces turning at the same time, while having openings taped shut. If it makes crunching noise, internal springs might've broke. Do the test, bolt onto the block, try to turn it clockwise and if it flexes more than 3-4", either rubber is worn/shot or spring(s) are broken.
I had mine resurfaced. About 2,000 miles on it and so sounds at all, it's fine. Mine was dry turned and checked by a shop that has done MKIV flywheels before. Chris B. from Horsepowerfreaks did my clutch and took it personally to the shop of his recommendation that did several flywheels on installs he had done previously.

Just like I have said in other posts, when it comes to the whole clutch changing on a MKIV, try to deal only with people that know what they are doing, and have proved to do it well on MKIV's before.
hey guys,

i just completed the clutch install on my car this morning.. :D everything seems to be okay.... it runs fine, it engages and disengages okay... maybe it disengages a bit closer to the floor but that's okay.
the stock pressure plate feel makes the pedal a lot easier to depress that's for sure... compared to the RPS pressure plate/AZ CLUTCH disk.
i want to celebrate the car being back up (after 3 months) but i dont want to just yet... for i was extatic after the az/rps set up was complete only to have it fail in 5 days...
my only concern this time is the FLYWHEEL... hopefully it holds upp.. the spring and the surface..
i am going to put the car up tomorrow again and check the bolts on the pressure plate to make sure they are still tight. i recommend doing that if you install a new clutch..
ask me how i know!!! after 1700 BUX i now have a stock clutch set up with a used/resurfaced flywheel!! that is parts cost alone!

anyways i will check back in a few days! but till then... thanx for the feedback and best wishes
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AZ/RPS combo failed?


I couldn't help noticing you said you had a failure with the AZ/RPS combo. Could you please tell me what went wrong? I'm planning to go that same route here shortly.

When you guys say turn the flywheel once it's installed, do you mean with your bare hands? Or with a torque wrench or something. I find it hard to believe that one could strain the springs in the flywheel 3-4 inches wiht their bare hands. Someone please elaborate.
Yes, the friction surface of the flywheel will move by hand... but there is some resistance. It won't just 'clunk' from one extreme to the other.

Man, I'm really sorry to hear of your bad luck regarding this clutch situation. :(

Steve T.

sleeknsilver said:
...after 1700 BUX i now have a stock clutch set up with a used/resurfaced flywheel!! that is parts cost alone!...
so far, my car is running fine! knock on wood.. i should have went with the stock set up the first place.. would have saved me about 600 bux (1700 total vs. 450 bux so over 1000 bux actually.. hehe)compared to upgraded clutch which at this time seems not really necessary (bpu).
i've seen and know supra owners who are BPU/over and have the stock clutch last upto a year or over, even after drag racing multiple times (mostly dumped clutch, not slip).

baltic- what happened i still can't really pin point. that is another reason why i couldn't help but eat the cost. i installed it myself and neither the supplier or anyone will make a warranty on it :(
i guess it's tough and i can't really blame it on anyone or anything at this point. one theory is that the pressure plate bolts came loose and caused the disk to not grab and slip to its death wearing out the Flywheel and PP along the way..?

the AZ/RPS combo ran great for the first 5-6 days when all of a sudden, the clutch pedal changed in feel and then major slippage and bye bye clutch.

the AZ/RPS definetly grabbed really strong and aggressively. knowing this, i probably wouldn't go back to the set up again. also for daily driving it could be a bit tough till you get used to it. also i don't like the fact that there isn't much customer support or service behind these products.

although Rob at RPS mentioned he'd look at the pressure plate if i sent it over, which was really nice of him.
personally i'd get a RPS product maybe the RPS stage 3 lightweight FW.

good luck and hope you don't run into the same problems i did if you go with the az/rps still! they are pretty awesome clutches from what other owners have experienced so don't just take my word.. my experience was just some unfortunate mishap that i still can't and haven't figured out... :( well actually i know of another supra owner who went through the EXACT same situation as me at about the EXACT same time!!! a bit eerie and unfortunate but a bit funny too :)
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I'll cross my fingers when I install it.
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