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question on volk wheel fitment...steve??

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im about to order some volk winnings in supra fitment from hpfreaks....18x10 and 18x9, i want to run 285/35 in the rear
and a 245/40 up front, im not exactly sure since the fitment guide says it will rub inner fender, but a couple of ppl run those sizes only im not sure of their exact offset. will the fronts clear the fender ok?? b/c i will also be lowering with kyb/agx in about a week or two also. thanks for the help
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I can't help you without the offset for the wheels your looking at. The offset is very critical when your running tires this size.

Later, Steve
What about 18x9 +37f, 18x10 +49r running 265f/285r?
The rear will work, the front won't.

Later, Steve
now steve, i ask this question..

i am going to be purchasing Volk GT-P's for my car..

i want to run an 18x9 up front, and an 18x10 in back, BUT i want to use my tires i already have on my 18's again.

right now i have 235/40's up front, and 275/35's in back. i don't know the widths of the wheels on my car now.

the question is, what rim should i be looking at with those tires, and what offset would be optimal.. so they don't set in.. or stick out ya know..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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