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I have a JDM Toyota Soarer (1JZGTE) and am looking to replace the oem Y-pipe from the turbos and the down-pipe.

I have a y-pipe / down-pipe combo that I believe is for a 1JZGTE MKIII Supra.

I know the Soarer uses the same downpipe fitment as a MKIV Supra but I am unsure if the combo I have will work.

Will the Y-pipe work? If so, will it exit where the oem y-pipe does?

Will the down-pipe work? If so, can I use it with the above y-pipe if it also fits? If not, can I use a MKIV Supra down-pipe with the above y-pipe?

Finally.. if none of the above will fit... where can I get both a y-pipe and down-pipe that will fit the Soarer? I am pretty sure I can find a MKIV Supra down-pipe easily but the y-pipe I am unsure about. Custom fabrication would be impossible .. nobody within 500 miles of me could do it.

Below is a picture of the combo I have for reference:

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