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I currently new to Supra community, I have 91 MR2 N/A and hopefully next summer I want to sell it and buy a Supra. I would like a Supra Twin Turbo (2JZGTE), but ofcourse the money is an issue. The max I want to spend is $22,000 and then soup the car up and change the mods. I can spend more but I rather spend more over time. I don't know to much about Supras, so I have a few questions.

1. If I buy 93 Supra N/A how much would the conversion to a Twin Turbo (2JZGTE) be? ball park figure! Easy or very hard...or easier to buy a Supra Twin Turbo?

2. Did the 93 Twin Turbo have the 2JZGTE? When did the 2JZGTE came out?

3. Whats your best adivce regarding purchasing a Supra Twin Turbo?

I really appricate you guys helping me out. Thanks.

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1) I talked about this with a friend (AxionF117) and well from what I've gained... it'd be smarter to just buy* the TT.

3) For info on buying a 93 supra... check out some foreign mags (Ex: They have about 15 supras in this edition of Top Marques. The prices arent American, but they range from 9,000f-20,000f and those are some good prices. Specially the Silver/Black 3.0 TT for 9,999f! Only 30k Miles! Hope this helps!

I know its not American dollars, but Im pretty sure its close to the same amount.

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