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Questions about my new sub....

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Okay well i had a 10W3 in my jeep i upgraded to a 12W6 in a single im useing my same amp a 300x1 or 150x2 amp.....i am going to bridege it to had it run some what close to 300 watts...will this sound better than my 10"? will it be louder/clear?
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I would have to say no, it won't make that big of a difference to your ears.

At best, your 12W6 will be able to pull just a very slight margin more power from your amp due to a 3 ohm load versus a 4 ohm load on your previous 10W3.

However, it's not the sub lacking, it's the amp. Your new 12W6 is capable of out performing the 10W3.
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