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Hey guys

I had the the stock plugs at stock gap installed and was expierencing some high end missing. So I installed the NGK 3330's to alleviate this problem. Well no more high end missing, but the car seems to be putting out fairly noticeable less power. Don't have the feeling of being slammed into the seat when the second turbo comes online. I used the stock gap of the 3330's. Has any one else noticed this? I assume that increasing the gap of the 3330's would bring back some of the power, but would this screw up the plugs.


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i had changed the NGK 3330 for another supra owner in the bay area and he also said the same. he felt less power with the 3330. he too was also missing badly at high rpms with stock plugs. after changing to 3330 the high rpm misses is gone.

i had the same problems before. i bought brand new coil packs and that took care of the problem.
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