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I am seriously considering getting a NICE NA with low miles.
I have tons of questions bout different ways to add turbo in future.
now, if I am understanding it correctly, that 10000$ mod that powerhouse site does entirely replaces engine and basically converts your car into original as it gets a TT supra.

next part is, but there are 3rd party turbo kits that you can just slap onto the NA supra without having to change the entire engine and costs a little less.

If I am correct on those 2 points, then I am also correct in assuming the full engine redone and tranny redone for extra 5k will get me the tweakabillity of the original TT without having to worry bout crap blowing up on me and crapping out with like 800hp.

But these 3rd party turbo kits you can slap onto an NA, you have to be careful and cant go to far with HP unless you put lots of money into the tranny and fuel system and so on.

But, basically I also see that powerhouse site offering, or soon to be offering a Single Turbo kit addon for the NA supra, which should be less than the entire engine redone and stuff. Its not going to be as much power as redone engine and original TT parts, but its going to be a good upgrade for good price correct?

bout trannys, if I get a NA supra with upgrades in future to like a single turbo kit. Is it better to get the 5spd manual? I heard that the 5spd can handle lot more power than the Auto NA. Am I correct?

Or should I just forget turbo all together and slap on NOS, LOL!

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Glad I can be of service. It speaks very highly of our NA's "briefly considered upgrading to the Turbo Supra 6-speed tranny. "The Turbo Supra transmission looks tougher on paper" says Jarret, "but we've seen just as many failures with the six-speed." As far as the rest of the power train is concerned, the 2JZ-GE rear end is a heavy-duty unit, and the drive shaft stock."

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so, basically they are saying NA is awesome to fix up.

thing is, I cant seem to find a good NA, that is 10k less than a turbo version of it.

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one thing is though...

I think in the end the insurance on NA even if I up it to a turbo will cost me less.
so I can see where the 10k difference will fit in.
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