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questions for the MKIV owners

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where to start where to start... :1poke:

pretty much im going to be looking into a 93+ TT in a while,

wanted to know what mods take well to theese, as well as heavy mods.

what kind of power you can make with stock internals?

and looking for any other info for a first time MKIV owner, or any type of supra for that matter.

im going to be looking into one in a while, but wanted to get me [email protected] straight. i own a modded 03 SRT-4 that i have up for sale currently do to heart surgery of my dad, and the supra will be my next car after having a lil junker for a while.

big thanks for any help!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts is your best friend when it comes to knowing the MKIV. it has all the info that you are looking for.

MKIV's take very well to mods. from BPU to the all out monster single turbo's.

stock block has been known to handle 800+ hp.

on a BPU+++ car you can hit 450+whp.

thats the extreme short of it. but definetly check out the website and all your questions will be answered
^^^ deffintally a huge help man! thanks so much!

for so long i have been wanting to know what BPU is! what is it exactally?

(im lookin to make near 600+ HP incase anyone would like to know)

also are theese some what of a good Daily driver?
BPU= Basic Performance Upgrades

ie- Intake, Down Pipe, catback exhaust, fmic, cam gears, etc.

if you are looking to hit 600 whp you need a single turbo. depending on if you want 600 daily on pump or 600 on highboost and race gas, will determine what turbo to use. a lot of guys believe the t67 is the best all around street turbo. on pump you'll be right around the high 400's but it has the capabilities to hit 700 whp.

it would make a fine daily if you choose to. there are a few guys here pushing more hp than that as their daily. but the more you run your car daily the more wear you put on it and more chance you have to break things. and let me tell you Supras are an expensive hobby!
right on, thanks

yeah i hear ya, it wont be a walk in the park ice cream buy deal lol this is deffintally gonna take money, i found that with the lil SRT even, but to a different extent. man you are a huge help, thanks!
600hp is barely pushing the 2JZGTE, tons of guys are making 800whp+ on a stock shortblock!
Supras are no joke,especially if you are driving a Neon now,and wanting to get into a supra
Have you ever driven a Supra TT? even a stock one?
the supra takes well to virtually all mods from mild to wild... the stock block is more than 800+ capable....I would do springs retainers and cams before that point though not that it is absolutely necessary. the one draw back is that over about 500rwhp (depending on your turbo), you will need race gas, or meth injection...not that thats a big deal, just something to be aware of....
well i have yet to drive a supra, but if it is high horse power you worry about, ive driving from a high 10 second 2.8 KB cobra, to a 11 sec maro, etc etc wanting to rid of it for more then a few reasons.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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