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Questions I have, advice strongly needed!

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Hi Guys!

You seem like a bunch of nice guys so I'm thinking you could help me answer a few questions for me.
It is sooo hard to find some info and advice here in Sweden.

Please bare with me on this one : )
And I hope I didn't post in the wrong forum since I posted it almost everywhere (Sorry)

Is it worth the extra $$$ to buy an electrical Boost Gauge instead of a mechanical one if I'm only gonna be BPU?
Do I really need a EGT Gauge at BPU?
I mean, safety is good but it will cost so much since I want the Apexi EL Gauges...

Is the VeilSide Knock bodykits as horrible as everybody says?
I was thinking of the VeilSide Rear Under Spoiler and Side Skirts and the same Bomex Front Lip that SW has on his beautiful Supra 97... The reason I'm going Knock Off is because the price to ship the bodykit is as much as the bodykit itself!

Is it worth it for me to buy a Tanbe Racing Medallion shipped to Sweden for 850$ when I can buy the Apexi Dunk Canister for much less money and fix it myself for lets say 400$?
Or have an exhaust custom made for me for about 750$? It is a quality exhaust system made in stainless steel by proffesionals.

Which Intake Kit is the best to go with? Is the Max Air Box worth the $ or should I just do my own one with a filter and a thermal wrap?

Once again, excuse me for all the questions but theese are the only things that move around in my head all day and I'd rather have them on my car : )

Thanx again!

Jiray - Supra TT -94 6-Speed
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boost gauge -- there really isn't a NEED for an electrical gauge, but having peak hold and possibly even playback is very helpful! I would say buy the boost gauge, and worry about an egt later.

body kits -- ?? I am no expert, but any knock off is going to be harder to install

exhaust -- buy the one you like the sound of because performance wise a 3" pipe is good for ~1000hp.

Buy what you really like once, and don't worry about it...going the cheap rout usually gets you in the long run. Good luck.

Thanx Daniel!

I will have that in mind....

What do you think of the Apexi EL Gauges then? Any good? Are they worth there money?

For the exhaust I'm thinking Tanabe Racing Medallion, oppinions on ut?

Buy an electrical Boost Gauge - it will make you more happy. EGT is very good gauge - buy it before you will be BPU.

Regarding exhaust - whatever you do - will be OK:D 2,5'' pipe will give you good HP - differences between exhasusts are no more than 5 HP - I believe...:D

Nice to see a fellow European Supra owner : )

Anyways, is an EGT Gauge REALLY necessary at BPU???

And have you heard anything about the TRM?

All oppionions and advice is truly appreciated...

Thanx in advance...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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