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Anyone know if the MAP Ecu will allow you to use the wideband w/ the output for the narrowband on a car without the narrowband? I want to do away with my narrow band on my new DP/MP, I only want the bung for the wideband. Can you run the car on the wideband with the MAP ECU?

Also appears the FMS is going on my car..Thinking of the Anarky mod and using a greddy block adapter and screwing a race filter into the block, double springing the new FMS and running a 16-row greddy cooler. I think this should solve my oil problem. However does anyone make a adapter to screw directly to the block besides Dereck that will allow me to run the line to my remote filter then to the oil cooler? I havn't seen anything that will do this and am not sure Dereck's Solution will allow me to do this..

Also on viscosity: I think it's a safe assumption to say that 10w30 in the spring/fall and 15w-50 in the summer when it's warmer..this is a 600+ single..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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