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Dealer Service Manager says computer doesn't throw codes unless check engine light is on. Don't believe this is correct? Past spring, speed sensor was replaced supposedly according to code. Check engine light never came on! Primary reason for visit was roaring in rear end. Not sure which side. Due to accident a year ago involving undercarriage, both front & rear wheel bearings,axle shaft assembly& bearings & all seals were replaced.All parts are OE except axle shaft assembly which was "quality replacement part" per State Farm. Supposedly service tech said it was tire noise,but couldn't be that because it was there prior to removing new RH wheels--returning to stock wheels & tires only having about 16k miles. ADDEDCOMPLICATION: EXTENDED WARRANTY EXPIRES NOV. 1ST. IF NEEDED REPAIRS DUE TO ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY WOULD COVER--IF NOT NEEDED EXTENDED WARRANTY TO COVER. Car business, including Toyota's is in dumper. Seems possible that Toyota might want to reduce claims on extended warranties for financial reasons. Especially if at end of contract. Anyone have this kind of experience with Toyota's TLC warranty. BTW car is NA '95 with only 30k miles. Sorry for long post,but really need help!
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