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Quick Pics of My Car

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i had some time left over to take some quick pics of my car. i took these after a zaino wash. i polished it 2 weeks ago with z3. notice how the polish held up against 2-3 days of rain here in southern california. and the paint still feels silky smooth...

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nice pics man.

I got the N1 by the way, i like it a lot.
I' hit u up on AIM.
nice car, still running at 190k, gotta love the NA. do you go on AIM a lot? whats your sn?
hey Urmild...

whats your AIM name? mine is Slickynicky123 hit me up i live in San Jose, close by man tight car love the color.
repost them!
gsx0r said:
repost them!
david, you can check out the pics on my album...

photo album
Here's a pic of my supra. im going to have 18's on it in amonth or two. it needs bigger wheels lol . ~Brett
great pics all
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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