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i'm sure if you search you'll find more detailed answers to this, and i think it'd straighten out a lot about o2 sensors and their differences and importance for you. but

yeah, the autometer gauge should work with your o2 sensor. a wideband is an o2 sensor that is accurate at air fuel ratios other than stoichiometric, which is important for performance engines because they safely run at air fuel ratios much lower than stoichiometric. running near stoich on boost is not safe.

on a side note, (might possibly have to do with chrome's q about the gauge working on his sensors), did any supras come with denso's Air Fuel Sensor?

it seems to be a wideband o2 sensor that toyota and subaru and probably some others put in some of their cars. i remember seeing "Air Fuel Sensor" on a CEL code list for a '97-'98 supra tt, which is why I ask. according to that sheet, it is accurate from about 12:1 to 18:1, and it could be really easy to make something to read a voltage off of it. an obd2 scan tool will let you read a voltage off of it, but it will be lower resolution as it is divided by 5 for a 0-1v output. if later model supras had it it could be really useful for people who can't afford other widebands just yet.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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