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does anyone sucessfully use 3/8 sized submersible fuel hose clamped to pump side outlet with no leaks ..i will be using a deachwerks 325lph in tank pump and i will be using fuel injection hose clamps on it

i know the correct size is 5/16 but i want to run 3/8 sized hose from pump to directly connect to bulkhead fitting thru tank cap on my sc300 to better feed the bosch under car and eliminate about 20 inches of wasted fuel travel as its set up from factory ...

if i use 5/16 then i have to use a coupler to connect to bottom of bulkhead

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A proper fuel hose clamp should have no issues clamping a 3/8ths over a 5/16ths end with no leaks, particularly since that's between your feeder pump for a Bosch pump upstream.

It's also something that's easily tested with a mockup in a bucket of water with an AFPR and some random leftover hose.

You could also just do a mockup with a hose T going to a fuel pressure gauge, and simply feed the pump to one end of the tee, and run a length of hose on the other side of the tee to gradually clamp shut or kink until the FP gauge shows the FP you'd likely see on the pump side under high boost, at which point you could observe the 3/8ths to 5/16th clamp job to make sure nothing is leaking out.

Of course, make sure everything is completely dried out before you reinstall it into a fuel system. Compressed air helps dry that sort of thing quite a bit.
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