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Hello I recently needed my engine to be have my valves shimmed.

The mechanic says he doesnt think its the valves or timing he thinks its my turbo cause when he rev's it he says my turbo doesnt spool, but as long as Ive had the car (which is automatic), I dont really hear it spool just the bov releaseing air.
There is no white smoke comming out of the car, and when i got this ct26 i was assured it was in good condition, whenever I have looked at it, seems like in good condition.

What do you guys think?

If you hear the BOV releasing air then the turbo is spooling. Take off your accordian hose and spin it with your fingers. If it spins freely, then it is good. You can also try to wiggle the shaft for shaft play. You should have a tiny bit but no more. My first CT had so much shaft play that it hit the housing. Does the top end of your engine sound like a sewing machine? The 7M's have a valve sound all their own.

Just my 2Cents - Keith
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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