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this r154 came off a 7mgte, so i'll be doing a custom thingy to work it on the 1jz

(cutting 2" off my 1jz tranny bellhousing and cutting 2" off the 7m, and getting a machine shop to weld the 1jz piece on the r154....have to go very far here to do it cuz i dont want anyone doing it but the best)

But what i wanna know, 1jz-gte and 2jz-gte....would the r154 work on either or will a certain flywheel be needed? Im gonna use the r154 on the 1jz and then on the 2jz, so im wondering if the 2jz would need the 2jz flywheel or are both JZ flywheels the same, as well as clutch and pressure plate.

Also, i was gonna use an ACT clutch with the stock PP or is that a bad move?(Just looking to go with a new clutch as im getting it for 100$ U.S here)

**Yes my friends, i've made up my confused mind, im sticking with a JZ engine**
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