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I am looking at ordering a set of 18x9.5s But i don't know which offset or what size front tire to run. I have 2 in lowering springs as well.

My options 18x9.5 +20 offset
18x9.5 +38 offset

What kind of lip would i have and also how far would they stick out?
I am going to use a 265/40/18 rear tire. For the front i was thinking a 245/40/18 or a 225/40/18 which would be best?

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For being slightly lowered I would go with the +38 to give a nice stance that isn't too flush or sunk. You can go 265 tire all you want if you want but a 245 would work in front if you want to run staggered tires. The lip size we would not know because there are different variables and there is no way to know with out knowing what wheel it is.
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