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Hope I'm posting this in the right place.

I have an 89 Turbo, lately I've been having problems starting. Even worse, it's lagging horribly through 3rd gear and is stuttering/choking as well. O, and she likes to die in neutral for no reason.

Also at full throttle I'm only getting around 5-6 psi.

My engine codes are as follows:

31 Air Flow Meter Signal
41 Throttle Position Sensor Signal

Used to have 25 and 26 ( Lean and Rich Malfunction) but an S-AFC as calmed that.

I've been told it's the AFM and hard piping. SO I read up on the Lexus v8 and 550's. Like everyone else should have, I got the impression Lexus AFM + 440's = BAD.

I'm not exactly sure what to do. I'm still a newb and would like all the advice I can get. I posted this in my newbie post, but those dont seem to get any answers. I get paid on Thursday, and I cant afford anything to happen to my baby.

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AFM can cause lots of problems, as can TPS. Search for how to properly adjust your TPS and you're all set. As for the AFM, if the electronics on it are all plugged in correctly and it's properly hooked up, it's most likely bad. Bad afm = bad drive in the car. Lots of people part out supras in the for sale section on these forums, so I'm sure you could find someone parting out a supra in your sub-generation (89+ T for you) with an AFM for sale. These 2 things aren't quite a lot of problems, it's just once they go bad it kind of ruins your ride until you fix them. These are nothing big and nothing hard to fix/replace, so you don't need to stress about it :).

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It's good to know that the problems arn't exactly fatal. How would I go about setting the TPS?

Thanks for the help. ANy idea on hard piping though? I know the car has a boost leak right now, you can hear it. Would that be a good idea to try and fix it?

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mdr40z said:
could and should
Well, woudl that be very hard? I've read that certian 550's are rectangle, when the 440's were oval, so theres cutting and soldering involved?

I'd like to have as much info on this install as possible too. It's all very helpful, thank you
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