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OK, i just called my local toyota dealer, and I am seeing if i can get this stuff any cheaper.

The parts I need are as follows (all for 89 turbo sport roof)

driver and passenger rear quarter panels (61601-1b917 (right) and 61602-1b918 (left))

driver and passenger rear inner and outer wheel wells

apparently all parts are available in north america with the exception of one of the rear wheel well panels.

please let me know what the cost of these are plus shipping to edmonton, alberta (or to Las Vegas, Nevada if that is considerably cheaper)

the prices my dealer gave me total to $3442.20 CAD. Hopefully I can get these parts a tad cheaper.

I'm gonna need some additional parts as well, such as all the rubber mouldings (hatch, doors, targa, etc) and misc. plastic parts, but those are small items and I don't have an exact knowledge of which ones i need right now. they'll all be ordered together though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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