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Curt -

My new Supra is here and I need a quote. The car is a 98 TT 6 speed, please email me a picture of the front bumper parts. Send it to my work account at:

[email protected]

1.Bolt for the rear seat center seat buckles, one bolt holds down both buckles.

2.Bolts the left and right rear seat belts, all I have is the belts them selves.

3.Two little plastic clips that pop into the body and hold the rear seat in place.

4. Gas cap

5. 93 - 96 black dash trims - all of them including the shifter bezel / boot.

6. 93 - 96 black plastic bezel for the drivers window switches.

7. Drivers door armrest

8. Inner boot kit for the right rear axle.

9. Nuts and lock washers for the end of the rear sway bar.

10. 6 nuts for the front upper shock mounts.

The car had a VERY nice stereo setup that I removed this evening. Here is a pic of what I am left with.

What I need a quote on for this area is, quote me whatever else you think I will need from what you can see in the pics.

1. Rear hatch carpet with out the sub woofer cutout. maybe from a NA supra?
2. Whatever clips I would need to attach the carpet to the rear seat
3. spare tire cardboard cover and cargo cover screen
4. Foam pieces
5. Whatever else you think I would need from the pic.

· Life begins @ 30psi....
3,004 Posts
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got it dude!!

I will call you tomorro and get things rolling, this is going to hurt the old finances!!

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