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R154 Swap Trans Mount? Last Problem! Prelim Pics

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this is the last problem that they're having!

The MKIV crossmember fits (as I've read and confirmed -- as Gamimnon or someone's thread said).

But the transmission mount from the MKIII doesn't fit and bolt into the MKIV crossmember, so they say that it rattles and shakes a lot

What could I do?

It looks like i'll have to cut and weld the MKIII mount to a bracket that bolts into the MKIV crossmember as someone suggested over in Southern California

Are there other, better ways? I'd rather not have to cut/weld steel........

Thanks!!! I'll post more info once it's all said and done and driven so I can give some feedback!

MKIV Bracket I think...will confirm later

Shifter was made too instead of fixing it, they cut a hole for it

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