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So I have an 95 supra original 5speed w58. I have a 2jzgte vvti swap with r154 swap trans from mk3 supra. Wiring harness is done by tweaked performance. Speed sensor adaptor was purchased from Martin crawler.

The CEL code 42 will not come on when car is started only after a certain amount of time driving like it looses connection or something.
I can be driving and the cel comes on and If I flip the ignition off then back on it will clear then a few moments later come right back on.

Things I have tried. I pulled the Back of the odometer and connected the Pink wire as per this link.

When this didn't work I contacted Tweaked and they suggested I try to bridge the wire from the body harness straight to the ecu but I still get the same code. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Like stated before all functions including the speedometer work in car.
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