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Race:SD supras vs 92 toyota truck.

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Calling on any supras in the san diego area or willing to travel to san diego to race a 92 toyota truck.
But this truck is not to be taken lighty.
Its beaten an NSX and I was shown the footage to prove it.
and from him, he said has beaten rx-7s, supras, saleens, accords, and civics.

But don't get me wrong I love supras, I still say there are supras that could beat him and I got money on it that a supra could beat him.

If interested feel free to email me,
he just wants to know where and what time is good.
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He should race Keith or Sam.
I haven't ever heard anyone admit to losing to a truck in San Diego. They must have been old supras.
cool could you let me know their email so I could contact them? Have you heard of saga supra how fast it goes and what not?
But I don't want to bother them before the MAXIMUM SHOWOFF in DEL MAR.

I really don't remember if he meant mk3 or 4 but it was supras.
I just want him to eat his words, that his car could be beaten.
Its kind of a sleeper. He put one of those camper things so it "looks" slow. I think it was tuned @ RPM he know a lot about this stuff. So it looks like this is a good race.
I was just kidding. Neither of the guys would race a truck. Either car could lay waste to 99.9% of the sports cars on the road.

It wouldn't surprise me if that truck has a supra engine stuffed under the hood. If you show up at a supra meet some time you might be able to set something up. I doubt anyone will set anything up over the web. You also might try the street races in the Mira Mesa area. I heard at the last meet that one of the guys hits these every once in a while.

BTW depending on the year and model an NSX is not necessarily a fast car. An auto only has 255 flywheel hp. And I believe the 270hp model only runs low 14s.
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