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Ok, I had to help move some stuff this weekend and I got a chance to meet up with some friends to have a friendly race. One guy had a 1983 Porsche 944 (5-spd), another 1992 300ZX N/A (5-spd) and a BMW 525i (auto). Both the Porsche and the Z had exhaust systems and the Z i think also had intake.

We all got lined up and from a stop sign my car was the fastest off the line...the Porsche and the 300Z were close and the BMW I think kinda kept up too...I didn't get to see much of what happened behind me since it was dark out and I was in front. All I know is that I thought the 300Z should have been closer to me than what I saw :eek:

After the local streets we went on a main road and there was a few cars around but nothing serious...this time it was from a roll from about 30 mph...I let the 300Z line up against me...I might have had a slight edge about 1/4 of a car and then we gunned it from about 30 mph and I just kept pulling on him. By the time we hit about 120 mph I had about 8 car lengths on him...I slowed down and got off the next exit to meet up with the Porsche again (burnt clutch). Anyway just wanted to share that with all of you...well i got to go to sleep..its LATE!!!:eek:
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