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Racing pulleys

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Anyone have a set of unorthodox racing pulley set installed in their na......did it make a difference in performance..would u recommend doing this or not......

I know a apexi n1 get 14 hp gain to the wheels on na
wondering how much the pulley would make...
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I have an Unorthadox Racing Underdrive Pulley and an electric fan kit sittin in my garage right now but i havent installed it yet. I need to get a few more bucks and get the accessory pulleys and the new belt. When i get all of this installed i will let you know if i notice a big difference or not. I am at college now and my car is still at home so it may be a while before it happens but i will let you know as soon as i get them on.

get evrything(light weight pulleys) minus the crankpulley . you will run into big expensive have to rebuild your engine problems down the road if you use the aftermarket unerdrive crank pulley

aftermarket underdrive pulleys arent balanced and they dont have a harmonic balancer which catchs the vibration of your car starting and something else i forgot. but after what i have heard about how it could cauce your bearing to wear out in the crank. i would never do a aftermarket crank pulley on a mkiv supra. Other cars are diff and most arent affected with this but are cars are.
how long do you want your engine to last thats what it comes down to
I would though go evrything else inlcuding cam gears.

Thanks for the reply..

The crank pulley is what gives the most hp gains
dont make sense getting the other ones except for looks...
I heard similiar stories about the crank pulley.
some guys experience problems and some say it doenst harm the engine..........just wanted some opinoins.........
My car is a second car to me anyway. If i have to do a rebuild ok thats all right then ill get the lightened flywheel as well and my new turbo and have the engine balanced and i would be good to go. So the toys i put on my car are more or less ok for the long haul i dont drive it much its my leisure car. My daily driver is a older Honda Prelude that gets me around. I plan doing alot to the Supra and having for quite a while but as a toy that i race and cruise with every now and then. So having the Underdrive Pulley seems like it would be ok for me. But i will let you guys know of course if i do see any problems with it on my car.

same goes for my only comes out on weekends
for a few hours....I do maybe 2500 miles per year
its just for cruising and turning heads.......

being its not an everyday driver....would thje pulley be a good idea........
Well in my situation i said Sure it would because if it breaks its no big deal its not my daily driver and i think it effects the cars that are putting more miles on them anyway. I went ahead and got one im gonna try to squeeze every bit of bolt on horses i can get out of it.
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