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Hi everyone,

My OEM radiator decided to crack on me while going for a drive to watch F&F: tokyo Drift.. right in front of the theater parking lot. Now I'm trying to get the radiator replaced and I noticed I need to buy a transmission cooler because my car's an automatic. I looked over the repair manual and could not figure out where the lead-in and out connection for the transmission coolers are. (I haven't tried taking my car apart yet so far because my garage is a tight space and I'll block other people's driveway if I start taking the car apart. Yeah sucks to be in Brooklyn and have tiny garages.)

I bought:
Fluidyne Radiator
Fluidyne Transmission Cooler
Cooling plate
Spal 7.5" fan
Spal 13" fan.

Now I have to figure out the wiring for the fans themselves and also where the hoses to the cooler comes from.

I already installed the spal 13" fan when I was installing my FMIC. I see that it's not turning at all when the car's idling with engine on. I was wondering if the fan turns only when the temperature is hot enough or all the time. I replaced the wiring at where the old Aux fan was with the same wiring so I would imagine it turns whenever the aux fan receives power. If it suppose to turn all the time, it means my fan might be broken. Please advise!!!

Thanks in advance for your help

And yes I saw RSAsupra's write up already. It doesn't show where the hoses from the transmissions are coming from.

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Get under the car and look for the two hard lines thats coming from the passenger side of the tranny going toward the bottom of the radiator, you can use those two lines for your cooler. As for the wiring I would wire up to a 12v source with a switch and have it on all the time, or when you shut the car off just turn it off, or hook it up to a switched 12v surce.
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