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It looks like the ball joint is going to have to take the back seat for now. I now have more important problems to deal with. :(

The crankshaft pulley decided to separate into two pieces the other night. Basically the outer ring fell off the center hub and kindly decided to take out the idler pulley and some fan blades on it's way to the bottom of the vehicle. I have located a used crank pulley and drive belt tensioner/idler pulley. What I can't find is a radiator fan.

I really just need the fan blades. I haven't taken anything apart yet, but I believe the blades are replaceable by themselves. I searched and found some prices, but they were for the GTE motor. If you guys would'nt mind too much, could you look up the cost of a new radiator fan for a 1993.5 Supra 5spd?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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