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Rand Tech DP & High Flow Cat?

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I've got the Rand Tech DP w/High Flow CAT. Can I get pipe to replace the Cat without buying another DP?
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why would you spend the extra money to buy a dp with cat in it and then spend money to get rid of it?
They're two pieces.

As for replacing the cat, you should probably get one fabricated. Should be cheaper. The cat is pretty short. Just make sure you get the right size tubing.
Ray745 said:
why would you spend the extra money to buy a dp with cat in it and then spend money to get rid of it?

This stuff happens all the time with cars??? You buy something and either don't like it or think something looks or performs better then you get something else. Happens with the hole car or parts of a car. Originally I was thinking what a PITA it would be to change the cat out every time for smog. Now I’m thinking of the HP I'm loosing??? I'll go back and forth and probably stay with the cat unless it's easy to switch out. I was hoping that Rand Tech had something???
Do they require a sniffer test in MD? I know in VA they don't. If not, just gut out the cat and keep it on. It will look installed but only you will know otherwise.

sorry i didnt realize you had used your random tech dp, i thought you had just bought it and wanted to remove the cat without ever having used it. thats why i was wondering why you would have spent the extra bucks, sorry
I've been running that setup and it has run just as well if not better than guys running a straight DP. If you're going to swap it out for a fabricated DP just to bolt in for experimenting than fine but don't go gutting an expensive cat just to find out you won't be gaining much at all... Of course it's your call, just trying to help you not waste good money.:cool:
Yo Cowboy!

In my piece of VA they not only REQUIRE a sniffer they now put you on a dyno to measure it through a driving cycle! :eek: When my RX7 went thorugh this last time they even got into boost - I thought I was screwed but it passed with a hi-flow cat. Thankfully visual didn't identify the second missing cat or the missing AIR connection:rolleyes:

SOME parts of VA may not require emissions but those parts are becoming smaller all the time. Maryland has state run facilities I think but I don't know if they're as tough as the VA ones are supposed to be.

I doubt that you can get such a pipi off the shelf. So the most practical approach would be to make one yourself.
If I were in your situation (and I may actually be in the near future) I'd buy a 3" pipe and some flange material, then remove the cat and 'copy' it in a simple, thru pipe. Should cost under $70.

However, if your purpose is gaining a few HPs then I think you should talk to RT or read the info on their web site. You may end up gaining very little or, theoretically, even loosing a few horses.

If you end up up with this cat-replacement pipe, could you please post the bottom line results (net gain/loss).

Jay :cool:
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