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Name: Jason Bliss
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA Email: [email protected]

Up for sale is a pair of near new Dolce and Gabbana men's road racing track day shoes. These are a one off, super rare shoe. I bought them in the UK 7 years ago for 440GBP (750CAD). I thought size 44 EURO was my size but found out after I came home that 44 was size 9 in Canada. They were worn by me for one track day but fit to tight... Awesome…

450CAD plus shipping
20181013_184244_1539543375266.jpg 20181013_184949_1539543407781.jpg 20181013_184900_1539543432126.jpg 20181013_184827_1539543465592.jpg 20181013_184809_1539543495581.jpg 20181013_184726_1539543573696.jpg
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