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rattling noise under 1k rpms

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under 1k rpms there is sometimes a rattle coming from somewhere near the drivers side front wheel. It is very random when it happens but it only does it at low rpms. if anyone has any suggestions as to what this might be or how to stop it please let me know. thanks
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not sure...

not sure about 1 grand rpms...but below 2.5 i get something along the pretty sure its just the exhaust gases vibrating the pipe..i get it occasionaly ...more often when i accelerate slow((but hey how often is that:rolleyes: ) so just floor it and your problem will cease to exist:p . jk...give it some time and see how it coudl be that...but for me it wasnt the passenger side. hope this around with the gas a bit and see.
my 5-speed has a rattling too... if you find out what it is, please tell us... i'd like to know... for some reason i think it's my tranny (which has been bad ever since i bought the car)... or maybe the cat? i don't know but if you find out then please tell us
it is more like a creek rattle, but its only at idle, if i press the gas even a little and bring it >1krpms its fine. anyone?
I had a rattle at idle, actually only when it was coming to an idle - like when I pulled up to a stop sign. Turned out that the bracket that holes the front of the cat pipe was broken and I would get a metal on metal vibration there. Sounded like a propeller beating against a metal pot.
hey thanks alot ill check that out
mine made a noise like that, turned out the exhaust bracket was cracked, so I had the shop weld it back together doesn't rattle anymore :)
I had the same rattle caused by a crack in the front exhaust bracket. I replaced the bracket and the rattle was gone. This bracket seems to develop a crack at around 70 - 80 K miles.
Re: Try This Lateralus

sparkboy said:
Took me 6 months to figure this one out!
Get the car nice and hot. Try moving the Tension Pulley just below the Cam Gears back and forth. There is a spring and some kind of bushing or bearing in there that is creeking on my car. Not sure yet if it is lube-able or not. When I get time i'll pop it off. Let me know if you have the same problem and if you were able to fix it.
i checked under the hood and im not sure i saw what you are talking about do you have any pics? i did notice something funny though-their are 4 wheel/pulley thingies:))) next to that front fan and the bottom right one sometimes doesnt turn yet the belt still moves around it? then sometimes it turns on and i can hear the rpm's rise a little. is this normal? i dont know alot about engines (as u can see) but this seems strange to me.
I believe you are lookin at the a/c compressor that's comin on and off. When the a/c kicks on the rpms should rise (that is normal). Try turnin the a/c off, then re-check. But i believe the rattling problem is, as other's have pointed out, that the exhaust bracket is broken.
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