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up for sale is a fully swapped RB26DETT 1993 nissan 240sx convertible.

r32 gtr rb26dett
stock manifolds
stock twins
mckny motor and tranny mounts
mckny wiring harness
new drop resister
exedy twin disk clutch
stainless clutch lines
koyo rad/hoses

R33 rb25det tranny
custom alluminum drive shaft

mckny downpipe
meagan racing test pipe
tanabe 3" turbo racing medallion exhaust

KU Engineering sheetmetal manifold
100mm tb (got screwed was supposed to have q45 flange)
custom fmic piping
stock r32gtr black fmic(stealth)
twin suction pipe/filter

power fc
head unit
stock speakers
tailor battery relocate kit

kts full coilovers
kts tension rods
kts strut bar
kts tire rods

Trunk full of all the stock engine parts that i removed from the engine
5 lug swap parts
350z calipers
clean int(pics this week) except previous owner screwed door panel sections back on
cars not at the house hoa sucks
convertible top is mint and was replaced (there is one area on
passenger side that needs to be retucked and glued but not a
huge problem to fix does not bubble when driving no scars or anything ..

The throttle body is a peice of junk needs a tune and a q45tb flange welded on and q45tb wired in.. car runs and drives on stock map... q45tb will fix the idle/tps signal. 100mm tb is overkill and causes idle idles and runs great when cold but once warm will shut off. needs little things to complete car like the valve in the brake booster line, it needs to be rewired so that the top will go up and down because it does not have a park signal. neutral saftey switch is jumped right now so the car will start. There is fading on the rear bumper needs new healight bulbs and other little things like that. Also it does not have a lsd in it wich is not a huge deal but it will do a one wheel peel like crazy.

I have been trying to complete this project for 2 years now but it just keeps sucking my pockets dry. I have over $16,500 invested in the car, i know it may not look like it but i have top of the line quality parts on this car. it hurts to sell but I dont have the time for it anymore and I also have three other cars I'm working on at the same time.It has the potential to be a good car. I am somewhat knowledgable about cars but the stuff that needs to be done to get the car road worthy and driving is something I dont have time or money to do anymore. Honestly i thing anyone who has access to a shop or real good friend that is extremely knowledgeble can finish and get the car top notch in a short time with not much more money invested.

looking to get $13,000.00 obo

serious inquaries please
aim: skyliner34r
or pm for my cell

i will have better pics come tom/monday/tuesday providing work schedule.

pics below are while in progress... motor bay is clean and tucked. dorry crappy cell phone pics:(

engine bay now
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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