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Name: Todd Lee
Location: North Carolina, 28601
Email: [email protected]
Phone: Just ask through pm
Payment: PayPal

I'm copying my post from Facebook onto here, so just bare with me.

1. 550cc RC injectors / SOLD

Bought these a long time ago brand new off of ebay and put them on my semi built motor, but never got the chance to run them. Comes with new Orings and new rubber rail seats already on the injectors.

2. Brake master cylinder brace / $65 shipped

Bought off of someone from Supramania a long time ago, looks to be quality homebrewed piece. Holds the brake master cylinder still when you get on them aggressively. Would be perfect for someone who drifts their car a lot and is aggressive with their brakes.Here's a thread from supramania of a similar product from Beech Performance. Skip to page 10 to watch the YouTube videos of how much the brake master cylinder flexes without this brace.

3. JDM JZA70 charcoal canister / $ 70 shipped

Bought from eBay Australia because I didn't want to eliminate the USDM charcoal canister and just leave the hoses hanging in the engine bay. It's dangerous to just leave the hoses hanging in the engine bay as gas fumes from your gas tank is dumped in your engine bay, potential fire, also you constant smell gas fumes when you're in the cockpit. The JDM JZA70 charcoal canister is the correct way, with the correct nipples to eliminate the hugh USDM charcoal canister, and also clear up a lot of space in the engine bay, it's 1/3 the size of the UDDM charcoal canister.

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