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ok, so i checked the codes my poor supra is spitting out... and i know if i decode them correctly....

I'll state the blinks by a number and a dash (-) stating the pauses...


So, i'm taking this as codes 14, 34 and 51... if you agree please let me know!

14 Ignition Signal
34 Turbocharger Pressure ;)
51 Switch Signal

Please advise me on what the most common problem is under these codes (other than the boost pressure one... LOL)... thank you for you time!

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the pause between each pair of digits should be a longer pause (like about 3 seconds) and the numbers come out in ascending order if there are multiple codes.

so if it were 14, 34, 51
it would be

1-4 ... 3-4 ... 5-1

the ... is a longer delay than the -.
if that's how you read it, then you interpreted correctly.
For the ignition signal, i would check the ignition wiring (coils, ignitor, etc...) I'm not sure what switch signal is, though.


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Sounds like you have it right.

But a detailed explanation is here just for you to double check:

When checking the codes, have the engine off, turn off all accessories, and for God's sake don't be stepping on the gas pedal (why some people do this, escapes me). :)

Clear your codes by pulling the EFI fuse for 20 seconds and read the codes again.

Then drive the car normally and read them again. Get back to us and we'll tell you how to deal with it.
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