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les said:
I am interested in buying and modifying a ttsupra and was wondering for a car that will mainly be used on the street with some occasional track use what is a realistic HP goal. At the horsepower levels I'm looking at 650-800rwhp will the car be drivable daily.
This all depends on your goals (what kind of "track use" - dragstrip or roadracing?) and your driving habits. Fwiw, I'm running over 700+rwhp on the street, but that's with high boost and race gas - on pump gas and low boost the power is considerably less. With 800rwhp, your turbo(s) is/are so big that you won't see any boost under 4000rpms. Incidentally, this actually improves the car's driveability in the rain. If you don't mind adapting your driving habits to the lag, 800rwhp on the street is very 'realistic'.

I don't want a clutch that is an on off switch, will the clutch be progressive ( I had this problem with a 300zxtt). Or should I go with an automatic-I would rather not to but if I don't have a choice...
Although I have a 6spd, I'd recommend a built automatic tranny for street and dragstrip, and a 6spd for roadracing. This too depends on your application. The new HKS triple (I think it's called a "GD MAX" or something like that) has a progressive design that should improve it's streetability while giving it the holding power of a triple. Keep in mind that any clutch that will take hard driving in a car that puts out 800rwhp will not allow oem-like, consistent, super-smooth starts in traffic.
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