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ok so I've been doing some reasearch on doing a complete swap from a 7mge to a 7mgte with the r154. i see that the rear differential is different from the late 80's and early 90's. Is it necessary to also swap rear differentials?

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About the only major difference are the ratios.

Seeing that you are NA now, I am guessing you have the 4.3 ratio gears,
but a check of your car's build tag will give a trans/axle code, I can tell you exactly what you have.

Most of the later turbo cars had a 3.7 ratio.
Some people like them to limit wheel spin off the line.
Personally, I like to put enough tire on a car to do that.
I run 4.56 gears on the street, and 5.29 gears for the strip, but I run an automatic.
A 5-speed does not require ultra deep gears like that.
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