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Rear end question

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Ok, well nobody in the MKIV section was answering, so i am gonna post here and see how it does.

Alright well I just recently got rid of one of my vehicles and have some money to put towards fixing my supra. Not a lot mind you, but enough to get it going and hopefully acquire most of the parts towards a 6 speed conversion. Some of ya'll may remember it from a couple of months ago. It is a 97 yellow NA auto and is hit pretty hard in the front end.

Well I was thinking earlier about the rearend (cause I am wanting to convert to 6 speed) and this is where I got confused. Why do people buy the whole pumpkin from a 6 speed car when converting to a 6 speed? Is it because they want they gearing AND the lsd? Or is it some other reason completely?

Reason I ask is because if your car already came equipped with an lsd, couldnt you just buy the 3.13 ring and pinion gear and install it in say, a 97 NA auto supra and have the same thing as the entire pumpkin from a TT rearend? Or is it more complicated than just the ring and pinion?

I ask because my budget is kind of tight and if I can just get the ring and pinion instead of the entire pumpkin and have the SAME thing as the entire pumpkin swap, then I would rather do that so I could put the saved money towards something else. Either way I do not want the 4.27 auto gearing once I go to 6 speed because I can only imagine how useless 1st and 2nd gear would be and how many rpm's I would be turning at highway speeds.

Sorry for such and long post and if I have confused anybody.

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The 6 speed rear is quite a bit beefier than the TT Auto or the NA rear. The 6 speed rear has a 220mm ring gear versus 200mm ring gear. The parts are not interchangeable in the two rear ends.
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