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Rear hatch rattle!

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I had this rear hatch rattle on my car but used some packing to stop it and has since reduced. Is this a problem common with most supras?
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my car rattles everywhere. the best is to have someone lay in the back while you drive. that's how i found most of my rattles.
look on for rear rattle fix, it may just be your hatch rubber stoppers
Somebody else posted that they put velcro (the soft side) on their rubber bumpers. I recently did it, and my hatch rattle is GONE!
About once a month a spray a shot of silicone and no more rattle. When people talk about the legit fix to it they say no problem after I put a blow torch to the bolts to loosen the loctite, then I wrench the crap out of the bolt after slotting it with a power tool, etc. No problem!! I have even seen one person report that after doing the correct fix, the rattle returned. Do it the lazy man's way. Spray the bastard. It works.
Barry H.
Well, I, for one, had NO problem replacing my rear hatch bumpers. If you are careful, pull the big rubber gasket out of the way, get the RIGHT (correct) size and shape "phillips-head" screwdriver, and take your time - it was easy for me.
You need to push inward very hard at the same time you start to twist the screw. Removing the rubber gasket gives you a straight shot at the screw head (required).
They work quite well, too.
The other fixes I tried were only temporary and unsatisfactory.
Well, first get in your trunk and do a handstand with one finger up your left nostril...then with your tongue lick the rubber stopper...that should do it.
I replaced both of the lower bumpers, and it still rattles like mad :mad: I didn't have any problems with getting the screws out though. I guess I'm going to order and replace the upper two bumbers and see if that helps at all.
Vick Supra,
I bet you are set to win the lottery!!:D I guess I have read 25 to 30 posts from folks who have replaced their hatch rubbers. You and maybe one other person (based on my feeble recall) are the only ones who haven't cussed like a sailor doing the rubber replacement. Seen people post "I used a small torch on the nut", or "used my soldering iron to get the screw hot" and invariably it is just one of the screws or bolts that becomes the mother. But then you may have the system down for doing it or good Karma!! Me, Silicone spray once a month. Not one peep out of the hatch. To each his own I guess.If I lived closer to you (next state east of you) I would buy a six pack and let you work your magic.
Barry H. (way down yonder in the land of cotton)
Yeah - maybe I am just lucky.
BUt, I also read a bunch of hard-times posts before I did it. I think I learned to take it easy.
yeah it was a pain in the ass for me too. stipped the hell out of the screw then had to drill it out.
If you are patient, the replacement isn't that bad. However, it is very easy to strip these screws. Be careful! I adjusted the torque down on my electric screw driver and made sure that the fit was true.

Also, make sure that you replace the rubber bumpers with the '97+ design. Toyota fixed the problem in the later years.

One year later, I still have not rattles.

Good luck
Just replaced mine. Use a razor blade and cut the rubber off. Slot the screw heads with a dremel. Slowly unscrew them. Worked perfect.
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